Documentary short tracing the journey of a Venice Beach street philosopher from the west to the east coast of the USA

This short documentary film was commissioned by onedotzero festival in 2001 and is the second instalment of the “Gilligan’s Travels” project. Featuring the voice of wandering street poet and philosopher Robert Alan Weiser, this film continues his monologue with a tale of two cities. Taking us from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the west coast of California, to the twin towers and busy streets of New York City.

The film blends a host of different documentary material gathered on various trips to the USA, shot on Super8 and early digital cameras. It also uses some motion graphic sequences and analog stills photography to weave its experimental approach to the travelog. It features an original sound track by electronic artist Scanone, AKA audio-visual artist Jude Greenaway.


Direction:Christopher Thomas Allen & Jude Greenaway
Producers:Shane R J Walter & Matt Hanson at onedotzero
Co-Producer:Antonio Russo Merenda at Hysteria Films
Location Production:Matt Higgs
Edit:Christopher Thomas Allen & Jude Greenaway
Assistant Editor:James Price
Sound Design & Music:Scanone

Commissioned by onedotzero & Co-Funded by the Swedish Film Institute

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