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Land mark live cinema performance that weaves a kaleidoscopic audio-visual journey around the world through documentary film footage, analog slides and 16mm to reveal a series of contrasting views

APB – All Points Between was a seminal live cinema project created by The Light Surgeons in 2001. It was a feature length performance which circumnavigated the world through a series of capsule narratives and audio visual tracks. Mixing social-political essay with digital art, the project responded to a range of global issues and different personal perspectives. It was also one of the first live digital art projects to respond to the immediate aftermath of 911.

The project incorporated The Light Surgeons short films Thumbnail Express and The City of Hollow Mountains and was woven together with electronic soundtrack by audio artist & composer Scanone. It was presented as a multi-screen theatrical performance in Theaters, Galleries and media art festivals. The technical production involved live video mixing, 35mm slides sequences, 16mm film projection and DJing.The performance was commissioned and developed by onedotzero festival and was toured internationally between 2001 and 2003.

The videos below document different excepts from the performance and where recorded at the World Wide Video Festival in Amsterdam, 2001.

Collaborating Audio Visual Artists:

Christopher Thomas Allen
Jude Greenaway
Robert Pyecroft-Rainbow
James Price

“So You Know”

“Pot To Piss In”

“City Of Hollow Mountains Drummer Remixed”

“The Book Of Changes”

“Suicidal Melodies” featuring track by DJ Krush

“The 9th Inning”

“A World Of Extortion”

A full documentation of this performance is available on the “Lost Leader” DVD, Published by Gasbook in Japan.

DVD Designed by Christopher Thomas Allen

International Touring:

onedotzero5, ICA, London – 2001
World Wide Video Festival, Amsterdam – 2001
onedotzero_nottingham, Nottingham, UK – 2002
Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle, UK – 2002
B.TV Festival, Sheffield, UK – 2002
onedotzero_manchester / Futuresonic, Manchester, UK – 2002
Roppongi Think Zone, Tokyo, Japan – 2002
onedotzero_sfmoma, San Francisco MOMA, USA – 2002
Electrofringe, NSW, Australia – 2002
onedotzero_munich, Munich, Germany – 2002
Auto Festival, Sheffield, UK – 2002
Visonic AV Festival, Belfast, Ireland – 2003
Pixelache Festival, Helsinki, Finland – 2003

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