A dual screen, surround sound live cinema performance that explores themes of time, memory and meaning, in remembrance of British poet, art critic and painter John Berger

Atemporal 2.0 is a single or dual-screen, surround-sound live cinema performance created in memory of the British novelist, painter, and poet John Berger. It is a poetic audiovisual concert that unites original musical compositions, documentary film, and video art created by collaborating audio-visual artists Tim Cowie and Christopher Thomas Allen.

Their combined sonic and visual outputs are brought together live to co-create a unique cinematic work that reflects Berger’s thoughts and philosophies on time and memory.

Atemporal 2.0 is simultaneously a musical composition, an evolving video artwork, and an experimental documentary; a dynamic live audiovisual essay that contemplates our human condition and celebrates an important voice in art criticism and cultural thinking.”

Equipment: 2 x Laptop, Controllers, DJM800 mixer
Duration: 50-55min Approx

Teaser Edit

Excepts from the first dual screen performance at Live Cinema Festival in Rome in 2018

PROJECT credits:

Artistic Collaborators:Christopher Thomas Allen
& Tim Cowie
Film Production & Editing:Christopher Thomas Allen
Music & Sound Design: Tim Cowie
Creative Producer: Christopher Thomas Allen

International TOURING:

Test Card, Texture, Manchester, UK, 2017
ROM – Riders on the Mall, Budapest, Hungary, 2018
Live Cinema Festival, Rome, Italy, 2018
Gastower Stage, Shangri–la, Glastonbury Festival, UK, 2019
Unpredictable Series, Iklectik Art Lab, London, 2021
Sense Collective, Hackney Wick, London, 2022
Gastower Stage, Shangri–la, Glastonbury Festival, UK, 2022
Live Visuals Book Launch, Iklectik Art Lab, London, 2022
AV Weekender, IMAX Cinema, Bristol Aquarium, Bristol, UK, 2023
Cry Room, Kula Lumpur, Malayisa, 2023
Campout Festival, Braziers Park, Oxfordshire, UK, 2023
Crux Festival, Rich mix, London, UK, 2024

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