A multi-screen. multi-channel live audio-visual performance exploring London’s physical and virtual information landscapes over a 24 hour cycle

This is a multi-channel live audio-visual performance that explores the landscape and architecture of London through a combination of real-time visuals and a live electronic musical score. The piece attempts to paint an anthropomorphic portrait of London which encourages its audience to contemplate the city as a living organism, with its arteries of traffic and public transport, people, and the movement of goods. In parallel with this kaleidoscopic view of everyday life, the performance seeks to explore the city’s complex relationship with the hidden landscape of digital information and surveillance.

The resulting live cinema piece transports its audience through time and the complexity of this sprawling metropolis to reveal its human activities as an abstract dance over a 24-hour cycle.

This is a work that fuses a beautifully shot documentary film taken from the installation LDN24 at the Museum of London and combines this material with motion graphics, data, and an original live electronic score by Tim Cowie & Jude Greenaway.


Performing Artists:Christopher Thomas Allen, Tim Cowie
& Jude Greenaway
Visual Production:Christopher Allen, Tim Cowie,
Jude Greenaway, Dean Moore,
James Price, Rita Ribas,
Stuart York, Jai Rafferty
& Thom Buttery
Project Producers: Christopher Thomas Allen & Alice Ceresole
Music Composers:Tim Cowie & Jude Greenaway

International Touring:

ON_OFF Festival, Itau Cultural, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2011
Jakarta Biennale, Salihara Theatre, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2011
Counterculture, Bangalore, India, 2012
Chula Theatre, Bangkok, Thailand, 2012
Hackney Film Festival, The New Empowered Church, London, UK, 2012
Nozstock, Wrong Directions Cinetent, Herefordshire, UK, 2012
Live Performers Meet Up, Rome, Italy, 2012
Convergence Festival (Featuring Scanner), Ace Hotel, London, UK, 2016



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