Video art installation exploring notions of time, religion, and our relationship with technology for media arts exhibition in Eusebius Church in Arnhem

“Notion Of Duration” is a video art installation by Christopher Thomas Allen & Thijs Linssen. It was commissioned for the art and technology festival Oddstream in the Netherlands in 2017. It was exhibited in their media art exhibition in the Eusebius Church, a historical building in the center of Arnhem that was famously bombed in world war two.

The work was the result of a two-week residency project between Allen and Linssen in which they collaborated on making a new work that responded to the church as space, its history, and the connection between technology and religion. The resulting audio-visual installation explored theological themes connected to our perception of time and our relationship with technology.


Collaborating Artists:Christopher Thomas Allen & Thijs Linssen
Camera: Christopher Thomas Allen
CGI Animation:Thijs Linssen
Audio:Christopher Thomas Allen

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