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Mixed media gallery installation exploring the theme of domestic space through the voices and homes of eight Londoners

“The Living Room” was an art installation commissioned by the Watermans Arts Centre in Brentford with the support of the Arts Council England, London in 2005. The installation brought together a variety of creative work gathered through research and outreach focusing on a selection of 8 local homes and their occupants.

It featured a collection of documentary films, audio interviews, photography and print works that together formed a media art exhibition that explored a range of issues through the looking glass of living spaces.

This installation was later developed and expanded into a larger exhibition entitled “Domestic Archaeology” at the Museum Of The Home in east London in 2006.


Concept:Chris Allen & Robert Pyecroft-Rainbow
Collaborating Artists:Chris Allen, Robert Pyecroft-Rainbow, Brede Korsmo, Jude Greenaway and Tim Cowie
Producer:Alice Ceresole

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