LDN24 was a audio-visual art commission for the Museum of London that presented an anthropomorphic portrait of the city over a 24 hour cycle using film, sound and data

LDN24 is a media art installation by The Light Surgeons for the Museum of London‘s Sackler Hall. It presents an anthropomorphic portrait of London that reveals the abstract dance of this 24-hour city. It explores the capital as a physical organism and its hidden relationship with a larger, digital landscape, creating a cardiogram of the city that perpetually reflects the ‘now’.

The film was created by a group of visual artists through an extensive series of visual studies across London in 2009. The resulting 30 minute film charts a daily cycle of the city which is then translated onto the surrounding LED curtain as a stream of live data feeds. These information feeds are continually updated via the web and continually re-printed by the hands of a giant RGB clock.

More images from the development and construction of this project can be found on our Flickr stream here. The film making aspect of the installation has also been developed into the live cinema performance LDN-REDUX which has toured internationally since 2011.

LDN24 is a commission by the Museum of London in collaboration with Film London and is on display in the museum’s Sackler Hall space which has free entry to the public.

The film aspect of this project received support from the following locations:

BAA Heathrow, Broadgate Estates, Regis House (London Bridge), Bywaters, City Academy Hackney, City of London Corporation, Billingsgate Market, City of London Film Office, City of London Police, Smithfield Market, Clissold Leisure Centre, Cory Environmental Limited, Film London, Greater London Authority, Invista Real Estate, Investment Management, Land Securities, IPC Helipad, London Borough Film Units, London Underground Film Office, More London Estates Ltd, Network Rail, Newsfax International Ltd, Novotel London St Pancras, Panasonic UK, St Paul’s Cathedral & Tesco


Creative Director:Christopher Thomas Allen
Producer:Alice Ceresole
Editor: Tim Cowie
Visual Production:Christopher Allen, Tim Cowie, Dean Moore,
James Price, Rita Ribas, Stuart York
Software Development:Field.io
Sound Design:Tim Cowie & Malcolm Litson
Location Production:Alice Ceresole & Dan Fellows
Research:Peter Brenan & Laura Hannay
Production Assistant:Helen Omand

Special thanks to:

Bob and Maggie Allen, Kevin Foakes, Helen Omand, Ed Purver,
Olivier Ruellet, Laura Hannay & Victoria Tremble

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