A collaborative media art exhibition at The Museum of the Home exploring the changing nature of individuals living spaces in London

Domestic Archaeology was a cross-media art project created by The Light Surgeons that was exhibited at the Geffrye Museum in East London in 2006. The work on show was developed through a process of audio-visual journalism that explores the issues surrounding identity through the study of Londoners and their rich mixture of living spaces.

The project excavated personal stories, memories, objects and meanings that were re-assembled as multimedia installations, offering a reflection on the changing condition of domestic space as well as our more psychological boundaries associated with them.


Collaborating Artists:Christopher Thomas Allen, Brede Korsmo, Robert Pyecroft-Rainbow & Tim Cowie
Original Concept:Christopher Thomas Allen & Robert Pyecroft-Rainbow
Production Director:Christopher Thomas Allen
Producer & research: Annie Kwan
Production Assistant:Rouzbeh Nafarieh
Animation:Tim Cowie
Exhibition Design:Millimetre
Concrete Wallpaper:Eric Barret
Smells:The Aroma Company
Print Artwork:IGMA & C3
Website design:Philip O’Dwyer



This exhibition has been documented as a limited edition dual layer DVD, including a set of six postcards of artwork from the exhibition.

It is available from Magma books and the BFI store South Bank, London.

The Geffrye changed its name to “Museum Of The Home’ in 2020

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