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An immersive art installation that deconstructed the analog tools and processes of the studio at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London in 1999

“Stealing Beauty: British Design Now” brought together a collection of British designers who were searching for a new method and meaning in design. This cross disciplinary exhibition was curated by Claire Catterall for the ICA in London in 1999, in 2000 it was toured to the Mead Gallery in Warwick. This installation drew its inspiration from the reusing of old secondhand analogue equipment that had become the studios trade mark for their visual displays in 90’s club culture scene in London. The installation collaged together film, analog 35mm slides, video, graphic print making and assemblage of equipment and ephemera.

These elements were fused together along with an array of different projections to form an elaborate deconstruction of the studio’s processed based approach to the creation of visuals; blurring the boundaries between design and art.


Collaborating Artists:Chris Allen, Andy Flywheel, Robert Pyecroft-Rainbow & Jude Greenaway

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