Live cinema performance combining analog photography, video, and electro-acoustic collage that explores liminal landscapes and non-places to tell an audiovisual story about migration, borders, climate and globalisation

Adrift is a live cinema performance that explores liminal landscapes and non-places to tell a story about transience, migration, borders, climate and globalization. The performance unites an original score with analog slide photography, and video footage from around the world that charts a journey through our shared experience of the transitory.

It is a collaboration between audio-visual artists Christopher Thomas Allen and Tim Cowie that re-visits the visual aspect of Allen’s 2006 art installation “Transit”, and unites it with a new ambient soundtrack performed live by Cowie.

The music is an electro-acoustic collage. Prepared guitar, hand percussion, and various sound objects are sampled live and manipulated using multiple techniques simultaneously and then layered with synthesizers to create textural landscapes of sound. Fragments of diegetic sound and field recordings drift through the piece and connect you with the spaces in the stills and moving images.

Media: 2 x Slide Projectors + Desolve Unit, 1 x HD Video Projector, Stereo Audio PA, 1 x Modular Synth, Acoustic guitar & Hand Percussion
Duration: 45mins Approx


Collaborating Artists:Christopher Thomas Allen & Tim Cowie
Documentation Filming: Derek Stormfield, Mathais Klispert & James Price
Documentation Edit: Christopher Thomas Allen
Music:Tim Cowie


Spark House, Leyton, London, Nov 2022
Iklectik Artlab, London, Feb 2023
Takeover Session, Iklectik Artlab, London, Jan 2024

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