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Concert visuals for legendary British jazz ensemble for a one-off performance at the Sydney Opera House commissioned by Graphic Festival

In 2013 we were invited to create a one-off visual show for Cinematic Orchestra at the Sydney Opera House.  The live performance was part of the Graphic Festival and featured 40 members of the Sydney International Orchestra.  The visual show had to sit within the stage design for the 4-day festival, and we worked with the local lighting crew to create a cohesive production.

The visuals needed to have an overarching theme which was flexible enough to follow the very dynamic and eclectic setlist and tie all the tracks together.  We also wanted to create a set of visuals with enough space to allow people to imagine their own narratives.  We settled on the theme of “Light” with each track exploring a different aspect of the subject.

Projects Credits

Creative Direction:Tim Cowie
Project Producers:Alice Ceresole & Tom Sweet 
Live Visuals:Christopher Thomas Allen & Tim Cowie
Visual Production:Christopher Thomas Allen, Tim Cowie, Alistair Oloo
Christopher Lutterodt Quarcoo
Edit Music:“Flite” by Cinematic Orchestra

Special thanks to Jordan Verzar, Getty Images and Apiary Studios.

Commissioned by the Sydney Opera House for their “Graphic Festival”



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