Audio visual installation for Fashion brand Notify exploring their various production processes created in collaboration with Ron Arad for the Petti Uomo in Florence

This audio-visual installation was designed and created in collaboration with Ron Arad associates and commissioned by fashion company Notify for the Pitti Uomo 77 men’s fashion fair in Florence in 2010. The installation explored the idea of the atelier and the mix of craft and technology involved in the creation of Nofity’s garments and shoes.

The piece focused on various design and manufacturing processes involved in the production of Notify products, turning the footage and sound recordings of these amazing hand-crafted and mechanical processes into an abstract piece of audiovisual music, referencing futurist art and forging it into a unique immersive gallery experience.

This piece was exhibited in a gallery space in Florence on route to the fashion fare. It occupied a 30-meter-long wall made from a 6mm pitch LED wall covered with a thin membrane of stretched plastic, with an additional set of 3 high-powered digital projections over the top. The piece ran day and night for the full 5 days of the fashion fair and was experienced by hundreds of delegates.

Project Credits

Creative Direction:Christopher Thomas Allen & Jude Greenaway
Camera:Christopher Thomas Allen, Jude Greenaway & Barney Steel
Motion Graphics:Jolyon Greenaway
Editing: Jude Greenaway & Jolyon Greenaway
Music Composition:Jude Greenaway
Producers:Alice Ceresole & Miranda Davis

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