This immersive experience was commissioned by Tommy Hilfiger for the guests entering their TOMMYNOW: DRIVE runway fashion show at the Milan Fashion Week in 2018. The brief for this project was to create an immersive audio-visual experience that placed an audience walking through a tunnel space in the atmosphere and heart of an F1 race.

To achieve this we utilised two high-resolution LED screens that enveloped the audience, an incredible surround sound system provided by Bose. We then designed and art directed a pair of bespoke CGI animations that explored the aerodynamics the F1 cars and placed the visitors inside the physics, adrenaline, and speed of a race.

The sound design brought together foley audio recorded on F1 tracks by Synergy which was combined with an original piece of music and mixed in surround sound by composer and sound designer Tim Cowie

The animation was developed using particle simulations in Cinema 4D created by animator Nathan Bayliss and went through a series of pre-visualizations and virtual tests to develop the look and pace of the final work.

Project Credits:

Creative Director:Christopher Thomas Allen
Producer:Christopher Thomas Allen
Animation: Nathan Bayliss
Sound Design: Tim Cowie
Client Project Manager:Clair Rivera
Event Production:Adam Shapland

Project Partners:

Tommy Hilfiger Europe B.V.
Bose UK
Synergy Global

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