A collection of six documentary films exploring different designers and makers practices created for the UK Crafts Council’s touring exhibition ‘Added Value?’

Added Value? was a touring exhibition created by the Crafts Council UK that questions the value of contemporary craft within the landscape of branding and luxury goods. This exhibtion showcased high-quality and bespoke work from UK based designers and makers Zoe Arnold, Bompas & Parr, Carréducker, Simon Hasan, Tracy Kendall, and Oliver Ruuger.

The Light Surgeons were commissioned to create a series of six short films to capture each characters unique processes and products; each film focusing on a different theme that linked to the exhibition’s overall intersection of traditional and contemporary crafts and the notion of value.

Each film featured a brief introduction by Professor Bruce Montgomery who contextualized each the individuals practise within the broader set of questions explored in the exhibition.


Direction:Christopher Thomas Allen and Tim Cowie
Producer:Alice Ceresole
Assistant Producer: Annie Kwan
Production Assistant:Bea Wilson
Camera:Christopher Thomas Allen, Tim Cowie and Jai Rafferty
Editors:Christopher Thomas Allen, Tim Cowie and Helen Omand

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