Touring installation project telling the story of a series of craft objects through pairs of documentary films and a enclosed space commissioned by the Crafts Council UK

The CraftCube initiative presented a new and exciting way of displaying, interpreting, and accessing contemporary craft with a focus on new technology.

The program was developed to showcase objects from the Crafts Council collection and to champion the work of Research Fellows who were at the cutting edge of contemporary practice at the time of making this piece. Each CraftCube was an individual display environment, including objects and interpretation.

We worked on the audiovisual content for two of these spaces, each containing a set of two synchronized short films which revealed the different ceramic processes involved in the creation of the peices they were displayed.

These videos together form an audio-visual narrative around each object, transporting the viewer into the designer-makers studios and revealing the processes involved in making each a piece. These installations toured the UK promoting the work of the Crafts Council for several years.

One is entitled “Twisted Grey Loop” featuring Merete Rasmussen and the other is entitled “NAP” featuring Angela Jarman. The films below are taken from these two CraftCube exhibits. The film on the top was projected onto a large projection surface on the wall of the CraftCube, the film on the bottom was presented through a large screen embedded into the surface of the display case, which also houses the finished object itself.

twisted grey loop films:



Creative Director:Tim Cowie
Creative Producer:Christopher Thomas Allen
Camera: Dave Baum
Producer:Alice Ceresole
Design & BuildMillimetre

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