A short documentary portrait film about composer and audio-visual artist Tim Cowie commissioned by Sennheiser for the 2019 Berlin IFA Event

This film paints a portrait of audio-visual artist and composer Tim Cowie, a long-term collaborator at The Light Surgeons, it delves into his creative practice and his thoughts related to sound and field recording.

It was commissioned by Sennheiser to complement an immersive Dolby Atoms sound installation. Tim was invited to create a 5-minute sound experience for Sennheiser’s AMBEO Soundbar which delivers 5.1.4 audio from a single point.

The concept of the sound piece was to transport the audience through a series of immersive soundscapes, from the inside of a clock, an expansive landscape of the natural world into a concert hall with a bespoke string quartet composition.

This film documents Tim’s ideas and process in making the audio piece and provided its audience at the 2019 Berlin IFA event with some deeper context to the work.


Direction:Christopher Thomas Allen & Tim Cowie
Camera: Christopher Thomas Allen
Editor:Christopher Thomas Allen
Sound Design:Tim Cowie

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Tim Cowie

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