A short animated film exploring environmental issues produced through a collaborative 10 day workshop in Sapporro Japan

This film was created entirely from the waste collected and produced during the Sapporo ICC International Creative Workshop 2008 that took place between 4th -14th March 2008. The project was led by artists Christopher Thomas Allen, Tim Cowie, and James Price working in collaboration with producer Youki Mikami and the ICC.

The resulting piece of work was informed through the ingenuity, creativity, and collaboration of the workshop’s 16 participants. The Intercross Creative Center (ICC) is a Sapporo-based supportive institution for creators, inviting top creative Talent from in and outside of Japan to hold an international workshop every year.

The themes explored in the workshop and this film are ‘local living & global environment’ and ‘between culture and civilization: everyone’s story’. The film was distributed as a DVD to the international press and general public during the G8 summit in Sapporo in June 2008.


Workshop led by:Christopher Thomas Allen, Tim Cowie & James Price
Workshop participants:Tomoaki Adachi, Christopher Allen, Tim Cowie, Shohei Fujimoto, Satoshi Fujiyama, Katsuya Ishida, Haruka Ishimoto, Kouhei Kuramoto, Makiko Mikami, Youki Mikami, Ayami Morihira, Yukari Morishita, Hiroko Nagata, Hideaki Nakamura, Satoshi Nishida,
Junichi, Oguro, James Price, Takayuki Shimoyama, Anna Takahashi, Takashi Watanabe
Workshop translation: Katsuya Ishida & Hiroko Nagata
Workshop produced by:Youki Mikami
Workshop facilitated by:ICC (inter-cross creative center)

Special thanks:

Mari Hataya, Daisuke Kobayashi, Toshiya Kubo, Haruka Nara,
Morie Numazawa, Mami Odai, Koji Ogawa, Robert Rainbow,
Fuyuka Shindo, Sadahiro Takahashi, Emi Uemura


City of Sapporo
Electronics & Industries Cultivation Foundation,
Shiroishi Incineration Plant
Panasonic System Solutions Company
Studio DU
New Peak FilmSponsored by ICC

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