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Concert visuals for the Manchester Indy band ‘The Long Cut’

In 2007 we where approached  by Manchester band The Longcut to develop a set of visuals for their UK tour dates. We pulled together a group of different video artists to interpret each song in their set as a piece of video art. The video below feature three of these treatments from the many others we created.

The first is the track “Deadman” with animated visuals by Tim Cowie which are based on the bands album artwork illustrations.

The second is the track “Kiss Off” with visuals by Rob Rainbow which uses documentary material from a train journey across Russia.

The third is the track “Spires” with visuals by Brede Korsmo that use a series of studies of an approaching storm in the London Skys above his flat in east London.


Kiss Off:



Video Direction by:Christopher Thomas Allen, Tim Cowie, Brede Korsmo & Robert Rainbow
Project Director:Christopher Thomas Allen
Producer: Annie Kwan

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