We are a media art studio based in the UK that creates audio-visual projects that combine documentary film, animation, and interaction with original audio production. We craft unforgettable live cinema performances, installations, and immersive experiences in various cultural and commercial contexts. Our work is research-based, narrative-driven with strong design sensibilities and attention to detail, making each project unique.

Selected Projects

Atemporal 2.0

A dual screen, surround sound live cinema performance that explores themes of time, memory and meaning, in remembrance of British poet, art critic and painter John Berger


Audio-visual Installation exploring the rich cultural history of Japan through the concept of “a river in time” featuring music by Midori Takada

Ichi:Marks In Time

This is a feature documentary, a story about culture, colonialism, and the power of photographs told by a community in West Africa.


An exhibition exploring the legacies of colonialism in the present through the re-engagement with an early anthropological archive gathered in West Africa

DMU : Designer Maker User

Film installation commissioned by The Design Museum in London for the entrance to the permanent exhibition on design that explores the relationship between designers, makers, and users


Immersive interactive audiovisual installation created for Wirded magazine for an event in the historic wind tunnel at Farnborough Airport

Video Thesaurus

Interactive audio-visual installation for Getty images exploring their extensive collection of moving image material via keywords and custom software development


A landmark live cinema performance project exploring the relationship between identity, ritual and place across the landscape of Malaysia commissioned by the British Council


Large scale audio-visual installation for the Voyagers Gallery at the National Maritime Museum utilising custom made video mapping software

We have over 25 years of experience working with commercial clients and commissioners from the worlds of art, design, film, fashion, music and the cultural heritage sector.

We release music from our live cinema performances as vinyl records via the independent labels Utter and NLS Records.

These releases can be purchased via our Bandcamp page or from our Shop.

We publish our music releases across all the major streaming platforms:

Amazon Music
Apple Music

We also publish mixes and other audio on Soundcloud.

Please follow us on our Social Media platforms for recent news.

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